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    IMPORTANT: New Admin?

    October 13, 2013 by NinjaFatGuy

    Hello, users. The current administrator on this wiki is not active, and with the recent release of the game, there should be a new administrator to run the wiki. I am very experienced with coding and I can get the wiki a new logo and background, as well as edit the coding. I know that I do not have many edits, but I currently have over 120 pages listed that I will make in the future -- administration rights will help me get these pages done with ease. I need most of the community to come to a consent about this topic, and to discuss if I should be an admin here or not. Depending on the results, I will send this blog post to Wikia's way and we can have a new administrator here to help the wiki get on it's feet. Comment below and happy editi…

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