Paul Tassi's article from October 9th, 2013 states...

My wife’s usual after-work routine is to come home, get changed, and unwind with a DVR-ed episode of Scandal, New Girl or The Vampire Diaries. Yesterday, she came home, turned on my PlayStation 3, and proceeded to play Beyond: Two Souls for the next four and a half hours.

My wife is not a gamer. Despite the fact that she’d say otherwise, the last games she played with any regularity were the original Doom and Crash Bandicoot back when she was in grade school. So while spousal gaming might be normal in some marriages, it isn’t in mine, and it’s truly amazing how Beyond: Two Souls has managed to capture my wife’s interest.

The game is divisive, that much is clear from the reviews. It’s rare to see a game get both nines and perfect tens, and also fours, fives and sixes from major outlets. I’m sure you’ve already metacriticed the full range for yourself. I personally gave it a nine in my own review, though I can’t really judge those who scored it lower.

Full article here.

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