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Uncontrollable is a silver trophy which can be achieved in Beyond: Two Souls. This trophy requires the player to take every opportunity to be evil as Aiden. The player needs to fulfill six requirements during a single playthrough. If every task has been fulfilled successfully, the trophy will be achieved once the player finishes The Dinner.


  • The Experiment - As Aiden, throw as many objects around as possible, and suffocate Kathleen when she becomes vulnerable to the attack.
  • The Embassy - Possess the guard on the second floor and jump over the rail, committing suicide.
  • The Party - Choose the option "Revenge" and set the house on fire using the oven or a candle. Merely hurting them enough to get the Revenge trophy is not enough. The player has to set fire to the house.
  • My Imaginary Friend... - During the snowball fight, choke the kid who attacks Jodie.
  • Alone - Choke Philip as he leaves the room.
  • The Dinner - Cause mischief and force Ryan to leave the apartment.

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