For Jodie's biological mother, see Norah Gray.

"Be brave, darling."
—Susan, comforting Jodie

Susan Holmes is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls, she is the wife of Philip Holmes, the mother of they unnamed son, and the adoptive mother of Jodie Holmes.

Character InformationEdit

Susan was born on September 28, 1964, at some point in her life, she married Philip, then Susan became pregnant, and nine months later, she gave birth their first and only son, however, the infant contracted an unknown illness, so Susan and her husband decided to take their son to the hospital, but despite The doctor's efforts, the infant died, leaving Susan devastated, after the death of their son, the couple adopted Jodie.

Susan is the adoptive mother of Jodie Holmes. She, in contrast to her husband, genuinely cares for Jodie, despite Aiden. She adamantly defends Jodie when Philip insists on abandoning her, and instead focuses on trying to help her, as opposed to the easy road of just leaving her.

When leaving Jodie at the DPA, in the care of Nathan Dawkins and Cole Freeman, she is reluctant to leave, taking the time to embrace her. She only leaves at the insistence of Philip, who is more than anxious to have Jodie off his hands. When the player controls Aiden during the Alone chapter and decides to strangle Philip as he leaves the room, when stopped Philip will call Jodie a "monster" and "evil". As he leaves Susan turns to look at Jodie with dawning fear on her face before saying "Oh my god" and leaving.


  • In Susan and Philip's bedroom there is a box with a photograph that Jodie can find; the photograph contains a flashback which reveals that Susan and her husband have lost one a infant son, the loss of a son. Can prove why Susan was so protective for her adoptive daughter.
  • It is likely that after the birth of her son, Susan remained sterile, since after that tragedy she and her husband opted for adoption.

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