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"No, father, don't leave me! ...You killed my father, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!"

Salim's Father is an unnamed, minor character in Beyond: Two Souls. He appears in the chapter The Mission.

Character InformationEdit

Salim's father acted as, presumably, protection for Charrief and his cabinet alongside other commandos.

Salim's father appears in the chapter The Mission, in which he is possessed by Aiden in order to assassinate Charrief. By order of the CIA, Jodie Holmes infiltrates Charrief's compound in Somalia with the help of Aiden. Aiden takes control of Salim's father, picks up a weapon, and slaughters everyone. Guards outside, hearing the noise, fire upon him. While Aiden kills them as well, one guerrilla manages to get in enough hits to murder Salim's father.

Forcibly removed from his body, Aiden will then allow Jodie access. She examines the body of Salim's father, before taking photos of Charrief's corpse. Behind her, Salim enters and cries over his father. Aiden shields Jodie from the bullets Salim fires, and she departs. Salim is later seen chanting with the rest of the city as Jodie leaves via helicopter transport.



  • It's possible he trained and groomed his son so as to follow in his footsteps.

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