"If I look her in the eye I could find out who I truly am."
—Jodie, talking about her mother

Old Friends is the nineteenth (chronologically the twenty-first) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


After having been on the run for a long time, Jodie finally meets Cole during Autumn.


Jodie meets Cole in a city park, much to his amazement. They exchange pleasantries, and catch up on current events. Nathan is now the Executive Director of the DPA, and is working with the military. Jodie is surprised by this, but Cole says it was never Nathan's choice, as it simply came down to funding.

Eventually, Jodie brings up the topic of her mother. Cole identifies her as Norah Gray, and says she has been interned to a psychiatric hospital. If the player inquires about the father Cole says that he died before the child was born.

After learning her mother's fate, she is insistent that she must see her. Cole is reluctant, saying Norah might be too mentally unsound to provide any meaningful answers. Jodie is quick to say she doesn't care about answers — Jodie must see Norah with her own eyes, in hopes of finding out about herself, and by extension, Aiden.

Cole understands, and goes along with her.


Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough - Part 17 Old Friends05:06

Beyond Two Souls Walkthrough - Part 17 Old Friends

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