For the character, see Norah Gray.
"Norah Gray. 7th floor, room 43."
—Jodie finding information on where to find her mother

Norah is the twentieth (chronologically the twenty-second) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Jodie seeks to find some answers and ask questions about her biological mother, Norah Gray.


Jodie goes with Cole to find her mother Norah, who has been admitted to a DPA-run psychiatric facility for twenty-four years. After entering, Jodie needs to find Norah's room with the help of Aiden. When Jodie finds Norah's room, she is sitting in a chair, comatose and staring blankly. Using Aiden, Jodie finds out that she was given drugs that negate her ability to regain consciousness.

Before leaving, Aiden shows Jodie one more thing. Aiden links Jodie's conscience with Norah's, allowing them to speak. Jodie runs to hug her mother, but realizes that she isn't really there. Jodie and Norah exchange goodbyes for a final time.

Afterwards, Jodie begins to cry. You can either use Aiden to end Norah's suffering, or to leave Norah alive and leave the room. When Jodie opens the door, the CIA are waiting for her. Cole apologizes as Jodie is knocked out by the butt of a gun.


While the first two paths are listed at the end of Norah, they are actually achieved in the previous chapter: Old Friends

  • Path #1
    • Asked about Dawkins
    • Didn't ask about Dawkins
  • Path #2
    • Learned your father's name
    • Didn't ask about your father
  • Path #3
    • Distracted the guard - Electrical panel
    • Distracted the guard - Computer
  • Path #4
    • Explored the cells with Aiden
    • Didn't explore the cells with Aiden
  • Path #5
    • Ended Norah's suffering
    • Let Norah suffer in limbo
  • Path #6
    • Took the medallion
    • Left empty handed


  • Saved All - Leave Norah alive in order to save all possible characters.
  • A Better World - Stop Norah's heart using Aiden in order to kill every possible character.



  • It seems that most of the hospital's patients possess similar "gifted" psychic abilities to what Norah and Jodie have. They can apparently detect Aiden and Jodie's presence and automatically know their names. Entering certain rooms as Aiden will prompt several strange responses from the patients.
  • Room 36 - "I can see you, Aiden! ... I can see youuu!"
  • Room 37 - (Apparently to Aiden) "Leave me alone!!"
  • Room 41 - (Apparently to Aiden) "Go away! ... Stay out of my room! ... You're the devil... the devil..."
  • Room 42 - Dramatic flinching and wimpering
  • Room 46 - "Are you willing to sacrifice your life, Jodie?"
  • Norah is the only character in this chapter that has a determinant fate.