"Just do your thing!"

Nick Vang is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. He acts as Jodie's instructor at the CIA for three years, along with his partner Vince.

Character InformationEdit

Welcome to the CIAEdit

Nick Vang was born on March 30, 1980.

Nick is met during the Welcome to the CIA chapter. He is Jodie's instructor for basic drills, hand to hand combat and in her training with Aiden. He is firm in his training but outside of training, he is kind and friendly to Jodie, seemingly a friend and comrade to her.

He has a friendly relationship with Vince and the two seem to have known each other for a while.

Dragon's HideoutEdit

Nick, Vince, Ryan and Jodie are sent to find a condenser that is being built in Kazirstan. Nick and Vince stay behind at the secret warehouse while Ryan and Jodie board the submarine to find the underwater condenser.

At the end of the chapter, Nick and Vince manage to find both Ryan and Jodie after their underwater escape.