"Slow dance! You up for it?"
—Matt, asking Jodie to dance

Matt is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in the chapter The Party. He is a friend of Kirsten, Steven, Jen, and Emma.

Character InformationEdit

Matt was born in London on April 1, 1987, and moved to America at the age of 16 years old in 2003.

He strikes up a conversation with Jodie when she sits by her lonesome, making small talk to coax her into being sociable. He is in a band with his friends, likes to surf in his spare time.

Earlier, Matt appeared to be a kind, sociable and polite boy, unlike his friends, he treated Jodie more kindly, and probably even had a crush on the girl. He eventually asks her to dance, and she accepts. He feeds her lines about how 'unique' she was, how pretty she is, and how she was different from 'other girls'. They then share a kiss.

However, these traits were just a fake, actually Matt, like his friends, is a rebellious, rude, sadistic and selfish boy, along with his friends, starts to mistreat Jodie, once Kirsten calls her out on the book of poetry Jodie gave her as a present. He calls her a witch, and claims she trailed after him the entire party.

If you choose to take revenge on the teens with Aiden, you can stab him in the shoulder with a knife, which is part of earning the trophy Uncontrollable.