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"Slow dance! You up for it?"
—Matt, asking Jodie to dance

Matt (born April 1, 1987) is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in the chapter The Party. He is friends with Kirsten, Steven, Jen, and Emma.

Character InformationEdit

He strikes up a conversation with Jodie when she sits by her lonesome, making small talk to coax her into being sociable. He is in a band with his friends, likes to surf in his spare time, and had moved from London to America when he was very young.

Throughout the party, he is shown to be the sole person who treats her, at the very least, semi-kindly. He speaks softly, and doesn't openly mock her for her rumored 'powers'. He eventually asks her to dance, and she accepts. He feeds her lines about how 'unique' she was, how pretty she is, and how she was different from 'other girls'. They then share a kiss.

Despite his earlier kindness, he gangs up on Jodie with the rest of his friends, once Kirsten calls her out on the book of poetry Jodie gave her as a present. He calls her a slut and a witch, and claims she trailed after him the entire party. This, coupled with the fact this happens regardless if Jodie kisses him or not, implies he never sympathized with her to begin with — and the rapport before was simply feigned.

If you choose to take revenge on the teens with Aiden, you can stab him in the shoulder with a knife, which is part of earning the trophy Uncontrollable.


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