Kara is a collectible found in Beyond: Two Souls. Collectibles can only be found by using Aiden.


Premiered on March 7, 2012 at the Game Developer's Conference, the "Kara" presentation is the first technological demonstration of the new engine developer Quantic Dream created for its next project.

The Kara Demo is a 'short film', generated via a prototype running in real-time on PlayStation 3 hardware. The developer has said in the past that the demo "is concept only and is not taken from any software title currently in development", however the demo has been made into a full game, named Detroit: Become Human.


In the demo, a female android named "Kara" is constructed by a machine. As she is being created, her AI comes online and she converses with an unseen plant director. At first, she is excited to be created, but as she becomes more aware of her purpose (her model is designed as a sex device,) she becomes emotional — afraid and angered. The overseer recognizes this awareness as a bug in the system and begins to disassemble Kara, but she pleads with him to let her live. Going against protocol, the overseer allows Kara to be completed and 'boxed up' alongside several other similar models, despite her lifelike qualities and the danger that unleashing such an artificial life-form into the world might bring with it.