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"That horse is gonna have to tell me your secret."
—Jay talking to Jodie about her relationship with Ashkii

Jay (born January 3, 1985) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls, in the chapter Navajo.

Character InformationEdit

He lives on a ranch with his father Paul, his younger brother Cory, and their grandmother Shimasani. He does not trust Jodie when they first meet and is borderline hostile to her. He initially refuses to allow her to stay in the family's barn until his father intercedes and invites her to stay in their home and share their evening meal. Jay opens up to Jodie after she and Aiden calm and befriend Jay's horse, Ashkii. Depending on the player's actions Jay may become a love interest for Jodie.

He is shown to be a hard worker, and doesn't take kindly to outsiders. According to his brother, Jay is initially cold with new people, and only warms up to them once he's gotten to know them on a personal level. He respects his father, as he doesn't fight Paul's decision to allow Jodie room and board, and is diligent with daily chores.

He is responsible for looking after the horses on the family ranch.

If Jodie picked Life and chooses to be with Jay, she will return to the desert on the motorcycle she was given by him. He will see her in the distance and run up to her as the two embrace. Cory and Paul (if saved in Navajo) will watch and smile upon Jodie's return.


  • He is the second character who can sleep with Jodie. There's not much evidence of it, but in the ending with Jay, they are shown sleeping together, both in their underwear. This indicates they had intercourse beforehand. It is shown that Jodie is in love with Jay. She wakes up crying. Then Aiden reappears in her life and she is happier.

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