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"And she thinks she's so clever... but she's just a little lab rat..."
—Emma, talking about Jodie

Emma (born October 28, 1986) is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls and one of the main antagonists in the chapter The Party. She is friends with Kirsten, Steven, Jen, and Matt.

Character InformationEdit

She is considerably ruder to Jodie than the others, full of disdain well before they all turn on her— she criticizes the way she dresses, her choice of music, the way she acts, and her work in Unit 4.

When Jodie turns the radio up, Emma insults her taste in music (regardless of what she chose), and changes it. Later, when Kirsten opens her present from Jodie, a book of poetry penned by Edgar Allan Poe, she becomes furious and she and her group of friends gang up on Jodie. Emma calls her a slut and a witch, and burns her with her cigarette.

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