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"...Don't mind him, Jodie. He's okay when you get to know him."
—Cory, about his older brother Jay

Cory (born November 11, 1991) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls who appears in the chapter Navajo. Modeled by Joey Martinez.

Character InformationEdit

He lives in a ranch with his father Paul, his older brother Jay, and their grandmother Shimasani. He is much more trusting and open to Jodie outright, in contrast to Jay who initially distrusts her and wants her to leave. He attempts to comfort Jodie when Jay is rude and hostile toward her.

He seems to want to tell Jodie about what's going on, but is interrupted to avoid any information being revealed. He is responsible for looking after the sheep (or "churros" as he calls them) on the family ranch. It is possible that he had a crush on Jodie.


  • In Cory's room there is a photograph of a baseball player on the wall that Jodie can view on her second day at the ranch.  There seems to be no other interaction or thoughts Jodie will offer regarding the picture.
    • Cory is very much into baseball, as his room has many photographs of baseball players and has his own baseball trophy. He also wears pajamas with baseballs on them.
  • Cory seems to be closer to his grandmother Shimasani than his brother is; at the dinner table he is shown to be feeding her; at the end of the ritual it is Cory who runs to Shimasani's side when he discovers her fate while Jay is more concerned about Jodie. 

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