Bunny Gruff is Jodie's childhood stuffed toy. It is a pink bunny with a smiling face, buck teeth and a blue bow. It can be interacted with  during the three scenes in which it appears. 

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Bunny Gruff

Chapter appearancesEdit

My Imaginary Friend... - Jodie hugs Bunny Gruff before going to bed on the night after most of the chapter's events, reassuring Aiden that nothing will happen.

First Night - When Jodie is opening her suit case on her first night in the DPA facility, Bunny Gruff is sitting inside. When she grabs him, she will tell him that they're going to see where they're going to sleep tonight.

Separation - Bunny Gruff is one of the thing Jodie can take with her to Camp Peary. Again, she will hug him if the player chooses to interact with him.

Night Session - Bunny Gruff is seen on the floor beside the TV.

Epilogue - Bunny Gruff will appear on Jodie's bed inside her cabin.