Biological Son of Philip and Susan is a minor character in Beyond: Two Souls, he was the son of Philip Holmes and Susan Holmes.

Character Information Edit

He was born shortly after his parents's marriage, after his birth, his mother remained sterile.

His first months of life, were happy and carefree as those of a normal newborn, he was much loved of his parents, especially his mother, with which he has a memory photo.

However, one day he contracted an unknown disease, his parents worried about his health decided to take him to the hospital to be cured, but despite the doctor doing everything he could to cure him, he eventually died, leaving his parents in cry, after his death, his parents adopted a newborn girl named Jodie.

Trivia Edit

  • If was still alive, he would have the same age as Jodie and Aiden.
  • It is not known what illness died.
  • His birth date is unknown, but it is assumed to have been born in 1990.
  • His death has made his father a cold and strict man.