"Okay, Holmes, time for business..."

Advanced Experiments is the last (chronologically the thirteenth) chapter of Beyond: Two Souls.


Advanced Experiments is a DLC bonus level in Beyond: Two Souls that is included in the special edition.


Jodie is transported to an arena, specially developed by the CIA, to see whether or not she could use Aiden to the maximum. The player will have thirty minutes in total to complete seven tasks in all. The player must use Jodie and Aiden in conjunction to solve puzzles, as they gradually increase in difficulty.

When finished, Nick will either criticize or congratulate Jodie, depending on how much time is wasted completing the puzzles. Should the player complete the puzzles relatively quickly, Nick will congratulate Jodie. He will say that he knew Aiden and Jodie were good, and states he didn't expect them to finish the puzzle that fast. He also tells Aiden that he outdid himself, and was excellent in the course, where Aiden replies, most likely thanking Nick.


  • This DLC apparently takes place during Jodie's training at Camp Peary. This is evident because she is still being called a recruit and does not have her long hair that she has at the end of Welcome to the CIA .


Beyond Two Souls Advanced Experiments Walkthrough Bonus Content Gameplay Special Edition17:52

Beyond Two Souls Advanced Experiments Walkthrough Bonus Content Gameplay Special Edition


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